Be a Bocky Boss!

“Every time I walk into our Bocky Boo something makes me smile – friends having a laugh, a Dad and his 5 year old daughter on a date, or a family having fun together. Not only do we get to create amazing gelato ourselves, we also get to create a fun place for people to be and staff to enjoy”

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Gelato Cafe Franchise


If you’ve found your way onto this page, you are probably keen to make a change in life. Running a Bocky Boo is a whole bunch of fun, with a bit of challenge, entrepreneurialism and reward all mixed together.

Owning a Bocky Boo allows you to take a major step towards living life on your terms, having the freedom to choose when you work and how much you work. While they can work for anyone, they are a great opportunity for families and couples that want to do something together, that allows everyone to move towards their goals in life.

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How to start a New Zealand Franchise


The first step is reading this page - and you're already doing that! Next is getting in touch using the form at the bottom of this page. We’d love to know a bit about you, how serious you are, why you want to own a franchise and where in the country you are thinking.

As you can imagine, Bocky Boo is pretty special to us and we want to ensure the right people are going to be carrying the brand in NZ, so we can all have fun along the way.

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Supporting New Zealand franchises


One of the key ingredients to a successful franchise is having the secret sauce! Starting a business is a big deal. Fortunately we have opened multiple hospitality ventures and launched successful franchises and we can help you throughout the process, from choosing the location, negotiating the lease, planning the layout, securing equipment, fit out, business management, staff training and then day to day management.

We have structured the franchise so that your success is our success.

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International aid work

Aid Work

If you’ve read our bio you’ll know that we are passionate about mission and aid work around the globe. To date, Bocky Boo has been able to put thousands of dollars into this in various parts of the globe.

You’ll have the pleasure of knowing that each month you too are helping make people smile not only in your store, but around the globe.

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Cost to start gelato franchise


We will detail the fees further as discussions progress. The initial setup cost varies depending on the location and the plant and equipment that is required. Most people underestimate the cost of the gelato plant and equipment. As we go we discuss the various options.

The initial investment to get a store up and running varies from 150k to 300k. Again, we can help with support as you explore the various options to make the initial investment. We also help with cash flow statements to show the potential return on your investment.

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Get In Touch

If you’ve made it this far and you’d like to talk further then fill out the form below. We’d love to know a bit about you, how serious you are, why you want to own a franchise and where in the country you are thinking.
Please let us know a little of your story, and why you want to own a Bocky franchise.